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Morning Life

Another Monday morning creeps up and my 7:00 am alarm on my blackberry beeps then vibrates repeatedly until I tend to its incessent calling.  snooze. beep. vibrate. beep. vibrate. snooze. beep. vibrate. Dismiss.

It is now 7:27am and I drag my feet then body out of bed.  Remnants of yesterday flutter through my head.  I grab my towel and soak in the hot shower, washing away yesterday (or the weekend).  

This weekend was eventful:
Friday - Beach volleyball.  
Saturday - Bridal Shower.  Long walk and talk on the beach.
Sunday - Swimming indoors.  Family Celebrations.

While I sit and watch BT (Breakfast Television) I put on my toner and lotion my skin.  I decide on what to wear for the working day - a black skirt with a three-quarter length white button down shirt.  I have my breakfast: a piece of naan, cup of soya milk, and leftover lechon.  I put on my make-up and then pack my gym bag.  I run downstairs and put on my walking shoes then I am out the door.  Ohhh it is chilly this morning so I run back inside and grab a sweater.  You never know with this Toronto weather.  So finally I am out the door and walking to the bus stop.

From the distance I see 2 buses pass.  *damn it*  Then I walk faster hoping another would come as quickly and as hoped - I see one coming.  *sigh* of relief.  I step on the bus and put on my iPod.  I get to Kennedy Station and I weave in and out of the crowd to transfer on the Subway.  I sit and I pull out my current read (Kite Runner) and emerge myself in my book and music.

I realize this entry really has no point but I'll post it anyways.  I didn't even end it. lol.  But I am now here at work ...

Time save me.

-Liza Mae

Tags: life, random

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