November 29th, 2008


Friday Night Adventure

I just came back from a long and eventful night. Work is not so bad these days considering we moved into the Ghetto aka Rexdale. I am leading my first project and it is quite fun. Well I just had the kick-off meeting but it was successful.

Quick highlights of the day:
- Buy 1 get 1 free Harvey's angus burgers
- Flu shot
- Remely's Bananaque (MMmmm)
- Broke car's headlight
- Conversed with my Aussie cousin
- Admired the knitted scarf she gave me (thanks Mel - you are awesome)
- Toronto Raptors vs. Atlanta Hawks
- Drank @ C'est What on Front
- Listened to Accountants talk numbers
- Ate Loukamades @ Athens on Danforth
- Ate Chinese @ Kenny Noodles on Sheppard
- Slept like a baby