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Gemini Horoscopes

(May 21 - Jun 20)

Tuesday, Dec 2nd, 2008 -- However impractical you are now, it's not going to stop you from planning your next little adventure. You are thinking big and could easily turn a trip to the corner store into a backpacking trek through the rugged high country of Tibet. While others may be laughing at you because they think your ideas are too far out, you'll get the last laugh when you send them postcards from the top of the world.


I liked today's horoscope. =)

Friday Night Adventure

I just came back from a long and eventful night. Work is not so bad these days considering we moved into the Ghetto aka Rexdale. I am leading my first project and it is quite fun. Well I just had the kick-off meeting but it was successful.

Quick highlights of the day:
- Buy 1 get 1 free Harvey's angus burgers
- Flu shot
- Remely's Bananaque (MMmmm)
- Broke car's headlight
- Conversed with my Aussie cousin
- Admired the knitted scarf she gave me (thanks Mel - you are awesome)
- Toronto Raptors vs. Atlanta Hawks
- Drank @ C'est What on Front
- Listened to Accountants talk numbers
- Ate Loukamades @ Athens on Danforth
- Ate Chinese @ Kenny Noodles on Sheppard
- Slept like a baby


Happy Days

I just got home from dropping him off and his presence still lingers. I lay on the left side of the bed, leaving space for him though I know that isn't 'til tomorrow. I have developed this habit of making space, not quite filled at the moment. So I take a deep breath and think of the days to come when we will be connected as one consistantly.

On Monday I was eating dinner and my mother had asked what mi amor was gonna eat, but I said he wasn't here. She seemed shocked at my response. We see each other almost daily and I don't seem to get sick of him. He is the highlight of my day because he makes me smile, laugh, and best of all he makes me feel LOVED!!!

3 more weeks ...

Liza Mae
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verbal outage

I sit here staring at this blank canvas ...

I am trying to organize my thoughts
but it seems I keep getting                                               lost. 

A.D.D. got the best of me,
thinking of ... him
dreaming of ... when

stressing about ... what could of been
throwing the remains in a box to be forgotten
I'll start this weekend ...
begin with anything resembling him.

re-reading the prior all over again, trying to come up with something
but I keep on thinking ...

I want to let it out but my fingers can't catch up ...

(singing ... Just Dance ... going to be okay ... just dance ... going to be okay .. dance dance dance)


It seems most of my material things are either, falling apart, getting lost, being fixed, or getting replaced. 

1. My car's windshield had a small crack that became a crack straight across, now replaced.
2. My car's light was no longer shining because of wiring issues, now fixed.
3. My FM Transmitter was lost, now replaced but still hoping to find it.
4. My spare iPod USB is lost, still lost.
5. My clothe dryer was no longer heating just tumbling, now replaced.
6. My PC's CD Burner and Universal Media card reader are no longer recognized, I need to replace/temporarily fix.

I know it seems like I am falling apart but there is one thing in my life that seems to be going RIGHT! 
7. My heart was broken, now is fixed.

Things seem to feel so different this time.  I feel FREEdom and with that I have gained some wisdom.  I have learned a lot about myself and about others.  Continuously learning ... growing ... loving ... forgiving ...
I digress ... 'tis late.

Liza Mae

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Stressed ... Angry ... Damaged

I feel like I am going through a divorce-settlement. I am actually withdrawing (lose - win) where I am the losing side.  Interest ($$$) is lost, reliability in man is thrown out the window, and words ...  WORDS ... WORDS ARE EMPTY! 

I feel like giving up on this battle because it makes me irate and I think to myself, "Is this stress worth almost $10K?" ...  It is not even about the money but the principle.  The principle is simple, pay what is owed and stick to your words, if that is not going to happen then just say nothing.  Obviously there is no principles here - just emotional attachment and resentment.   I give up. 

You WIN!

-Liza Mae


Snap in to it

So I've been meaning to start my photography "stuff" for months now but it was put on hold due to my life changes. Now that I am on stable ground I can go back to my photography as I envisioned. I have to put a business plan in place but one step at a time.

Things to do (not in order) ...
  • Build LizaMae.com Website
  • Work on Portfolio
  • Print Business Cards
  • Work on Pricing
  • Build Clients
  • Buy (Apple Laptop, Lighting equipment)
  • Improve photog skills
That's all I can think of right now.  I'm surely on my way and back on track!

- Liza Mae
Random Quote found in my Starbucks cup:

"The Way I See It #27: Do not kiss your children so they will kiss you back but so they will kiss their children, and their children's children"